Fluid Flush Service Near Smithville

Fluid Flush Service in Smithville

Fluid Flush Service at Victory Chevrolet of Smithville

To keep your Chevy Camaro running like a dream and performing the way you want, you need to have it serviced regularly. One part of that service is fluid flushes. The fluids in your car, truck, or SUV are critical to your vehicle’s operation, and you need to keep them clean. You can schedule fluid flush service at Victory Chevrolet of Smithville.

Fluid Flushes

Your service team at Victory Chevrolet of Smithville may recommend a fluid flush for your vehicle. They will drain the fluid out of the vehicle and replace it with new fluid. The fluids become less effective over time as they pick up dirt and pollutants from the air. The service technicians at Victory Chevrolet of Smithville can clean out your fluids to keep all the systems working efficiently.

Oil Change

One of the most basic and best-known types of fluid flush is an oil change. The service technician drains out the oil and replaces it with new. As the oil gets older, it isn’t as effective at its job. The oil won’t lubricate the engine’s moving parts, which means more wear on the engine. Generally, you should have your oil changed every 3000 to 5000 miles, but you should review your owner’s manual for the guidelines for your specific model.

Transmission Flush

The transmission is another important system in the vehicle. To replace the transmission, it could cost you as much as $3500 or more. The fluid helps the transmission shift gears smoothly. As dirt builds up, the transmission may have difficulty changing gears. You need to check your owner’s manual to see how often you need a transmission flush. Service technicians will usually check the fluid when you get an oil change and let you know when the fluid is dirty or needs to be changed.

Engine Coolant Flush

Your engine generates a great deal of heat as it works. The engine coolant, also referred to as antifreeze, travels through the system to keep the engine cooler. It prevents overheating, which could damage your engine. Modern models use variants of antifreeze that last for five or ten years. You won’t need to change it as often as with older models, but your service technicians should still check the antifreeze and make sure it is clean and still taking care of the engine.
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Brake Fluid Flush

Your brakes are some of the most important parts of your vehicle for safety. Brake fluid is critical to the operation of the brakes, so you need to have it flushed out regularly. The brake fluid should be replaced every two or three years or when you’ve reached 24,000 to 36,000 miles. If your brake fluid is dirty, it means it’s time for a fluid flush. You may also notice that it smells burnt, which is a sign that you need to get it serviced immediately.

Take care of your Chevrolet car, truck, or SUV with regular fluid flushes as you drive around Smithville, Independence, and Kansas City. Contact Victory Chevrolet of Smithville for our fluid flush service.