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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear routine vehicle maintenance is probably oil changes. The consequences of neglecting to change your vehicle’s oil can be major, so you’ll want to stay on top of your vehicle’s oil changes as best you can. Drivers around Independence and Kansas City can find fast and affordable oil change service at Victory Chevrolet of Smithville. The qualified technicians in our service center can change your vehicle’s oil so you can get back on the roads of Smithville in no time.

Why Are Oil Changes Necessary?

Oil changes are a necessary part of owning a vehicle with a gas engine. Without the right amount of uncontaminated oil, your engine will become damaged and in need of expensive repairs. Let’s break down some of the reasons why your vehicle needs its routine oil changes.

  • Oil protects and cleans the engine: As you drive, harmful materials can accumulate in your engine and cause damage. The oil keeps your engine clean and protected by preventing a buildup of these contaminants.
  • Oil keeps the engine lubricated: A vehicle’s engine has fast-moving parts that create friction and generate heat. Oil is responsible for keeping the system and its parts moving smoothly and as efficiently as possible. It also works to absorb the heat created by these parts.
  • Oil changes can improve your gas mileage: Do you wish that your vehicle had a better gas mileage? Luckily, improving your gas mileage can be as easy as providing your vehicle with its oil changes on time.

How Often Do I Need an Oil Change?

It can be tricky to pinpoint how often your vehicle needs its maintenance such as its routine oil changes. Many technicians recommended getting an oil change every six months or 5,000 miles if your vehicle is from the year 2007 or earlier. If your vehicle is a year 2008 or a later model, a good rule of thumb is to get its oil changed every six months or 7,500 miles, whichever comes first. The best way to know for sure how often your specific vehicle needs its oil changed is to check your owner’s manual.

Our Service Center at Victory Chevrolet of Smithville

Keep in mind that different factors such as where you drive and how you drive can affect your vehicle’s maintenance needs. A vehicle that rarely gets driven will have a different maintenance schedule than a vehicle that is driven daily through rough terrains. At Victory Chevrolet of Smithville, the highly trained technicians in our service center can determine how often your vehicle needs its oil changed based on your specific vehicle. They can also give you expert advice on all types of vehicle maintenance so you can rest assured that your vehicle is ready for whatever adventure life has in store.

Are you ready to schedule your next oil change at Victory Chevrolet of Smithville? If so, give us a call or use our convenient online service scheduler.