Spark Plug Service Near Smithville, MO

Spark Plug Service in Smithville, MO

Spark Plug Service & Replacement at Victory Chevrolet of Smithville

Spark plugs are one of the more important but affordable parts of your engine. The gasoline-air mixture in the engine is ignited by your engine’s spark plugs, which gives you the power you need to move along the road. The spark plug uses the battery as its power source and creates a spark to ignite the fuel-air combination by converting electrical energy that passes via the ignition coil and distributor into a spark. If you think your vehicle’s spark plugs may be in need of servicing, come visit us at Victory Chevrolet of Smithville and let our services professionals get your spark plugs back to working properly. We are happy to service the Smithville, Independence, or Kansas City areas and many more. So, if you’re around us and need top-notch service, come visit us today!

Is Driving with Damaged or Worn Spark Plugs Safe?

Generally speaking, there aren’t huge safety risks when it comes to spark plugs that are not working correctly. The real danger is what a malfunctioning spark plug can do to your engine if not serviced or replaced promptly. If the spark plugs are not working properly, it generally won’t keep your engine from running, but you can start to see several issues beginning to pop up, such as:

  • You begin to notice your engine is running poorly overall.
  • You begin to notice more and more misfires.
  • Hampering your control of the engine.
  • Your engine is not getting up to speed or having trouble maintaining a speed.

Process of Replacing a Spark Plug

Most vehicles have between four and six cylinders in their engine, sometimes there are more, but most of the time it is between four and six. Each cylinder will have its own spark plug and will be threaded into the cylinder head. Mechanics usually have all the types of spark plugs that you will need on hand, and since it is a very common part to replace, they will generally be very good at removing and replacing each spark plug. They will also have machines that can run a diagnostic on your spark plugs to help understand what the problem may be. They will also visually inspect the plug both before and after removal because certain issues can leave clear evidence on the spark plug itself. They will replace the spark plugs with a torque wrench, and in most cases, they will give the vehicle a short ride to make sure everything is working properly.

Extra Costs of Spark Plug Maintenance

Spark plugs are usually one of the easier and cheaper parts to maintain on your vehicle. But there are other things to keep in mind while servicing your spark plugs that could potentially add to the cost of service. Depending on the type of vehicle, in some cases, the entire intake manifold may need to be removed before the spark plugs can be changed, adding to labor costs. When replacing spark plugs, your vehicle may require additional parts, such as ignition coils, which will cause the cost of the repair to be more than a simple spark plug service.


If you think your vehicle is in need of service, then feel free to contact our service center and let one of our service pros help you out. You can also schedule a service appointment online if you would prefer to plan your service appointment ahead of time.